Why Intrepid Explorers

When C was 2 years old, she and I went exploring the rocky beach in front of my parents’ house on Bainbridge Island, WA.  At the end of the beach is a skinny spit of land that is exposed only during low tide.  The spit extends fairly far into Puget Sound, and standing on it feels like you’re standing in the middle of the sound!

C and I had a fabulous time throwing rocks, hunting crabs, and searching for moon snail eggs.  But as we started to head home, a big rain storm headed straight toward us.  Now I know what you’re thinking…who goes for a long walk on a rocky beach with a 2 year old and no rain gear?!  Clearly not one of my better choices, but we were committed.

As we toddled back to the house, I did everything I could think of to distract my now soggy, chilled child.  I explained that great explorers have to contend with all sorts of inclement weather.  And our present situation landed us squarely in the category of intrepid explorers.  As the wind picked up, I told her that intrepid explorers had to deal with whatever situation presented itself.  They couldn’t complain; they had to adapt.

Thus was born the phrase (and our family motto):  “We are intrepid explorers, and intrepid explorers do not complain!”

This motto has served our family quite well over the last few years.  C is a fantastic traveller, and she rarely complains!

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