How to Contact Us

We’ll post occasional physical mail stops here if you’d like to send C a letter or Karen some home-baked goodies (wink-wink)!

We’ll be passing through Sault Ste Marie, MI around June 26th.  We’re not exactly sure of the date, so don’t send anything perishable.  If you send something, please let us know!

Please address everything to both of us so that we don’t have to both go to the post office!

Karen Edgerton or Robbie Devine
General Delivery
Sault Ste. Marie, MI  49783-9999


Our e-mail addresses:





4 thoughts on “How to Contact Us

  1. So excited for you all! Keep us posted on where you are and maybe we can meet up along the way!

  2. How did C slip a gmail account past you Robbie?!?

  3. Gary Ponich

    Enjoying your Blog, Rob.

  4. Aunt Sally

    Aunt Sally
    I’m really enjoying your blog-especially “C’s” entry! I hope you’ll write more about your experiences! The rockslide sounded really fun!
    Keep up the fun entries!

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