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Day 320 – R is for Rock Climbing

Last night I was very excited.  We were going climbing with an instructor, a rope, some harnesses, and all of that.  I had only gone to the climbing gym or climbed on smallish rocks, so I was very excited to climb on real cliffs.  As you can see, I love climbing.

This morning we met up with our instructor.  We climbed by the ocean in Acadia National Park.  We got into our gear and started off with a small scramble.


A small scramble

A small scramble

The climbs got progressively harder and ended with a cliff with tiny hand and foot holds.  We rappelled down them and climbed back up.  Tricky, but quite fun.

Rappelling down a cliff always went like this:

1. Clip into the rope.  Think “Geez!  I am really going to do this!  It will be scary.”

Getting ready to rappel

Getting ready to rappel

2.  Start going down cliff.  Think “Eeek!  This IS scary!”



3.  Get going more.  Grow huge grin.

Huge grin time

Time for a huge grin

The last two climbs were the most interesting because they were the most challenging.  We rappelled down then climbed up, instead of climbing up then rappelling down.  The last climb was just a straight cliff with 2” ledges every couple feet.  I felt happy, challenged, and a bit frightened all at one time.

On a big cliff

On a big cliff

The instructor was nice, the climbing was fun and challenging, I felt safe at all times; I don’t know what would have been better.  In other words, I enjoyed it very much!

A great day!

A great day!


***A note from Mommy***

Love is spending a day climbing perilous cliffs with your 8 year old…

Dang!  This is steep!

Dang! This is steep!

Trust is letting her belay while you climb!

Don't let go!

Don’t let go!


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Day 174 – S is for Sea Turtle

Yesterday Mommy-o, Daddy-o, Mimi, Bubba, and I went to the sea turtle hospital.  When boaters or divers see injured turtles they report it.  Then a rescue team comes out to take the turtle to the hospital.

We did the tour of the hospital and turtle tanks. The tour started as a presentation about the five species of sea turtles that inhabit Florida, all of which are endangered.  The five species are: leatherback, loggerhead, Kemp’s ridley, green and hawksbill.  After that, we looked at the sea turtle surgery room.  There was a TV screen that showed pictures of turtles on the surgery table, and one turtle was about 6 feet long!  When we were walking to the turtle tank we passed by what is now storage, but used to be a motel.  Also, the motel pool is now used for permanent turtle residents (hee hee!).

Saying 'hi' to a patient

Saying ‘hi’ to a patient

One of the most interesting turtles had external tumors.  The tumors looked like kneaded erasers stuck on the turtle.  Another interesting one was a hatchling.  It was so tiny and cute!

This is smaller than my hand

This is smaller than my hand

I also liked looking at the one with bubble butt syndrome.  Bubble butt syndrome happens when a boat hits a turtle’s back.  A sea turtle’s lungs are right under the shell.  When the boat squeezes the turtle’s lungs, the air has to go somewhere, which is right under the back of the shell.  This makes the turtle float.  Since sea turtles eat sea grass, when they’re floating on top, they can’t get food because sea grass is on the bottom.. The turtle hospital puts weights on the turtle shell to allow the turtle to dive.  But just like we lose hair, turtles lose their shell plates.  So eventually the weights fall off.  When the weights fall off, the turtle’s just floating back on top again.  Because of this the turtle cannot be released into the wild.

Can you see the weights on it's shell?

Can you see the weights on it’s shell?

After the tour, we went over to the gift shop to see if anybody wanted anything.  I chose to do the adopt-a-turtle program.  You pay $35, but Mommy and I split the price.  Next, you choose which turtle you want to help.  The money you paid helps that turtle.

I didn’t know working hospitals could be that fun! 🙂

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Day 137 – B is for Birthday

Today is my birthday and when we were having breakfast the concierge told us about a tradition in New Orleans that when its your birthday a friend pins a dollar bill to your shirt and when you’re walking down the street and people see the dollar bill on your shirt sometimes they say happy birthday or give you another dollar bill.  Then she gave us a dollar bill and told some of the other staff about my birthday and then they came over and gave me a dollar bill.  When we were walking down the street near a place called Café du Monde a guy playing the guitar switched to playing “Happy Birthday.”  Then some of the people behind us clapped.

I got $12!

I got $12!

We went over to a popsicle place to get a birthday popsicle, except they were closed.  So we went over to a grocery store and found some cake.  When we got back to the hotel, Mommio stuck a fork in the cake and she put her finger behind the top of the fork and wiggled it so it kind of looked like a candle flickering.  Then I blew on her finger and she took it away.  Hee-hee.  Now time to eat the cake!  It tasted great!

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Day 100! – W is for White Sands

I had my fair share of fun at White Sands National Monument.  White Sands is a really cool place with lots of dunes made out of a white type of sand called gypsum.  Since the dunes are white, they’re very bright, but also cool so it feels good if you walk on them.  The dunes look a lot like snow-covered hills, and you can also sled on them like they were snow-covered hills!  At the gift shop we rented a sled.  We headed out to the larger dunes.  The ground was cool, and so we decided to go sledding barefoot.  When you go up the hills you get a good workout because the sand is soft and your feet sink in a lot.  Once we got to the top we rode the sled one by one.


It was a lot more fun than we expected it to be.  It’s funny…one moment you’re at the top of the hill a little bit nervous.  The next moment you’re in the middle of the hill moving fast and then you’re at the bottom, giddy from your fast ride.

This is me going down the hill:

After we went to White Sands, we drove over to an ice cream shop in Alamogordo.  There was a big board of all of the things you could buy.

Decisions, decisions

I got the Gizmo (“just plain good”) with hot fudge, vanilla ice cream, and caramel sauce.  Just for fun I added Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and kiwi.   The kiwi addition was surprisingly good!

Sledding and ice cream always make good days!

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Day 35 – D is for Dinosaur


We went to Dinosaurland.  It’s actual name is Vernal, UT.  On the way in, there’s a watermelon-eating-dinosaur with a bib on, and a very happy looking pink dinosaur whose eyes move.  In Dinosaurland, there’s a museum all about things around the time of dinosaurs.  There was a model of a creature that wasn’t a dinosaur, except looked very weird.  It’s called a knob-headed Uintathere.  It looks a little bit like a rhinocerous except it has tusks.  There’s a garden outside that has models of prehistoric animals.  Most of them are dinosaurs, except some of the models in the garden are not.  The ones that aren’t dinosaurs are the mammoth, pteranadon, mochops, and one that I don’t remember the name of that used a weird thing on it’s back that looked like a ducks webbed foot but with a lot more of the webbing.  It used that as a solar panel.

There’s also a place called Dinosaur National Monument in Dinosaurland.  When you get there, you take a shuttle ride up to the dinosaur fossil quarry.  The quarry is super cool.  It has 1,500 dinosaur fossils in it.  If you go into the quarry, you’re guaranteed to see a dinosaur fossil and almost guaranteed to say “Wow!  That’s cool!”  You can also touch dinosaur bones in a couple of parts of the quarry.  My favorite bone is a skull.  I drew a picture of it.

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