Up Close and Personal

Remember that picture of the kangaroos WAAAAY off in the distance?

Is this a little better?

Think someone has been feeding the kangaroos?

Think someone has been feeding the kangaroos?

Or this

Can I eat your camera?

Can I eat your camera?

After a week of travelling on our own we met up in Canberra (the capitol of Australia) with some Australian friends, Maggie, Peter and ‘O’.  We arrived to an amazing meal filled with delicious, fresh vegetables!  Up to this point, we’ve been dining at some truly dastardly rural restaurants.  It’s a toss up whether rural Australia or the rural US has worse food!

We spent a fun day touring Canberra by bike with Maggie and O as our guides.  The city was designed in the 20s, but largely built in the 60s, so it’s an unusual combination of amazing space planning and drab, utilitarian concrete buildings.  But Canberra has amazing bike infrastructure and a wonderful, laid-back vibe.  I’m very jealous!

The next day we departed for Depot Beach, one of our friends’ favorite places.  (Quick aside:  as I write using Maggie’s computer, it corrects my “mis-spelling” of favorite to favourite!)  We arrived in the evening and quickly headed out to take advantage of the low tide:

C and O and the tidepools

C and O and the tidepools

The next day, we spent copious time relaxing with the wildlife on the deck.  All of the critters at Depot Beach are remarkably habituated to humans!

King Parrot on Robbie's knee

King Parrot on Robbie’s knee

Rainbow Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeet

Crimson Rosella

Crimson Rosella

Ridiculously tame Kookaburra

Ridiculously tame Kookaburra

C and O took advantage of the beautiful weather to do a little construction:

A Zen moment

A Zen moment

Our last day there, we set out to hike around the point at low tide.  But the ocean had other plans.

The trail ends here...

The trail ends here…

Though our hike was thwarted, the view of the waves crashing on the rocks was worth it!

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3 thoughts on “Up Close and Personal

  1. Catherine

    Love, love, love the birds. What a thrill to see such gorgeous birds up close….and a KANGA.

    Miss you guys but know you’re having a blast.


  2. Jan Edgerton

    Such awesome photos! Great to see you are all having fun in the sun:) Jan

  3. Katie

    Wow, look at those Roos and birds! Looks like a wonderful place.

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