Home, Sweet Home!

It’s hard to believe we’ve been home for a week!  After leaving my sister’s house, we spent a few days at Gramma and Grampa’s house.  My aunt, uncle, sister, niece and nephew were all there, so we had a great time catching up and easing back into reality.  And we stuffed ourselves silly!

On Tuesday, Robbie and I headed home with the Twinkie, while C stayed behind to get some quality Gramma and Grampa time.  As Robbie and I neared the house, we both were ready to burst with excitement!  We’re on 405!  We’re passing Bellevue!  We’re at our exit!  We’re on our street!  We’re on our block!  We’re HOME!!!

After more than a year on the road, I worried that returning home would be anti-climactic, or worse, depressing.  But we were ready to be back to our normal lives and routines.  This year of travel has been such a gift, and we all got more out of the experience than we ever could have imagined.  We made memories that will keep me smiling through many a dreary Seattle winter (and spring…and fall…).  We spent 24-7 together, and we’re closer for it.  We had no major mishaps, and we handled the minor ones with minimal drama.

There’s something wonderful about knowing where you’re going to sleep each night!  And while I lie in my cozy bed, I’m busy dreaming about our next big trip….

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2 thoughts on “Home, Sweet Home!

  1. Leo B. Koreman

    Welcome home, after a great time in your life. We have followed your travel at a distance and enjoyed it. Greetings from leo and Charlotte from Spain.

  2. Ann Bennett

    Dear Karen….thanks for sharing your journey with us. It’s been a delight! Happy settling in again to your home and routines. Looking forward to seeing you in person at some point. Love………..Ann

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