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2 Weeks and Counting! One fridge, no toilet.

We leave in 2 weeks!  Despite the fact that almost everything I do these days is related to the trip, I still can’t believe we’re doing this.

Today we had an electric cooler installed in our truck.  When we bought the tent trailer, we wanted something small, simple and tent-like.  We didn’t want to feel like we were living in an RV.  What we didn’t think about is that the trailer has neither a refrigerator nor a toilet!  I can’t stand using an ice chest for a long weekend, let alone living for a year out of one.  The helpful folks at Poulsbo RV suggested an electric cooler, so we now are the proud owners of a $2000 ice chest!  It’s actually pretty cool.  We have 2 extra car batteries installed in the back of the truck that charge while we’re driving.  When we stop, they power the cooler.  If we’re somewhere with a hook-up, we can plug in a 12V transformer and save the batteries.

I still haven’t figured out what we’re going to do about the toilet…

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